Hanna Car Wash SUCKS!!!!!

Clinton Township, Michigan 2 comments

On my way home one day, I decide to stop at a car wash.One that I hadn't been to before.

Mistake! I asked for a basic wash with a vacuum, and was charged $11! That's such a rip off!!! (I have a small sports car)

The wash was fine, but when I got in my car, they broke my power seat!

Somehow when they moved my seat to fit them (which alone *** me off) they messed something up and now my seat won't self adjust anymore.

They suck!! Do NOT go there!

They over charge and break things!



Made mistake of using a Hanna "touchless" moving wash last week.It not only touches, but breaks mirrors.

Of course the outfit blames the customer for not being centered in the bay or not folding his stock normal mirrors, but at least they offer lots of free washes in lieu of paying for $265 in damage, like I will ever go back!!

Use at your own risk.Hanna sucks.


Stop your biatching.I work at a carwash that rips off people for real.

They charge fifteen bucks for what you got done. In my eyes, you got a deal. Consider yourself lucky. By the way, they don't charge on what the size of your car is.

They charge whatever they feel like.

If you really want your car clean, do it yourself.Trust me, it saves time and money.

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